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Eat Delicious Food


Life is about enjoyment. There are tons of awesome foods out there. Eating amazing meals that also support us brings us joy both during and after the meal. That’s a lot of joy.

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The Coco Loco

The Coco Loco

A crunchy, creamy, summer {salad} dream – featuring toasted coconut flakes, Thai Lime dressing, and Coconut Curry Chicken...

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El Jefe - Roots Natural Kitchen

El Jefe

This grain bowl’s the Boss. Avocado, black beans, and cilantro lime dressing with charred corn to add a sweet and smoky flavor....

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Apollo - Roots Natural Kitchen


Mix Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors for the light and lemony Apollo. Fresh-cut cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and red oni...

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Balboa - Roots Natural Kitchen


Protein-packed for the ultimate fuel. Brown rice base to start, with roasted sweet potatoes, charred corn, avocado, pita chips,...

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The Southern - Roots Natural Kitchen

The Southern

This grain bowl’s all about balance. Sweetness and depth from barbecued tofu, combined with smokiness from roasted broccoli and...

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Pesto Caesar - Roots Natural Kitchen

Pesto Caesar

Traditional Caesar does a double take. Our version of this salad bowl brightens up with a taste of pesto. Lime-pickled onions a...

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Mayweather - Roots Natural Kitchen


The Mayweather marries up – bringing together pesto and lemon tahini dressings. Roasted sweet potatoes and beets make this sala...

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Corner Cobb - Roots Natural Kitchen

Corner Cobb

AKA The Lil Bob Cobb in Newark – The Cobb’s an American classic. It keeps the cucumbers, hard-boiled egg, corn, red onion...

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Tamari bowl


The Tamari’s flavor comes from our miso ginger dressing. Tossed with light greens, lime-pickled carrots, sliced almonds, and ro...

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Roots Bowl - Roots Natural Kitchen

Roots Bowl

This savory grain bowl’s made with Roots rice, a blend of our signature-seasoned black and brown rice. Add in cinnamon-roasted ...

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dragon tea

Dragonfruit Green Tea

This tropical tea is fruity and full. The right amount of flavor without overpowering. Perfect for when you want to sip on some...

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lmeonade black drink

Lemonade Black Tea

Enjoy this summer favorite, year-round. A combo of black tea and zesty lemon, you can’t go wrong with our take on an Arnold Pal...

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hibiscus tea

Hibiscus Green Tea

Light and flowery, this green tea with a hint of hibiscus hits the spot. A refreshing sidekick to your favorite salad.

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Mad Bowl - Roots Natural Kitchen

Mad Bowl

AKA The Lola in Newark and The Funk in Blacksburg – This Italian-inspired grain bowl has both pesto and basil balsamic dr...

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